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Friday, November 18, 2011 | 10:24 PM | 0 comments
heyyy ,how going your first holiday ? bad or good ? me ? it's so badd /
can I go to school again ? :)

yeahh , result mmg takmemuaskan .. aku hanya boleh dapat 3A 2B .. Alhamdullillah .. aku redhaa :)
ma , ayah ayu minta maaf sebab takdapat bagi keputusan yang terbaikk tapi itu jea yang ayu boleh bagii ..
mama ayah faham ayu kann ? hope you read this mom dad ..

Seriously , mama ayah suruh masuk sekolah agama tapi aku taknak , i don't know why ..
but Ican't live without my mom .. atoto , sweet right ? .. mom dad i hope you very very understand me if
i don't want please respect my answer for yours question :)

I Love You , Mom Dad :)
I very love you >.<

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Hi saya Fatin Ayu Najwa. Ze owner for ze blog :**

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