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Saturday, November 26, 2011 | 10:58 PM | 4 comments

Hey Boy ? off phone berminggu minggu ! why haa ? tak terfikir kea you ada gf yang menunggu
you online fb , on phone ... tak terfikir yang you ada gf yang evry minute every day thinking of you!
I miss you boy !! you now , last kita meet dekat sekolah last day ! i miss you  like crazy !
I'm just want to know that you miss me love me or not ? -,-

Just Tell Me ! I can accept all your answer for my question :((
I'am Missing You Right Now ! everday , aku renung gambar kau !
tengok ggambar kau dan berharap kau akan text aku but you're not
Seriously , aku rasa macam kita takde apa apa hubungan istimewa .
betul takj ? KBaii .. 

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